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Competitive Swimming

KAL works in partnership with the Borough of Kirklees Swimming Club (BOK) as part of its KAL Swim Performance programme. BOK provides the memberships, training and support required for athletes who wish to compete at a competitive level.

Together we form quite the partnership...

To qualify for the KAL Swim Performance programme we host a KAL Training Academy Gala at the beginning of the season.  During this gala we look to identify individual talent that show promise to go to the next level. 

Those who are selected are then encouraged to join KAL's Swim Performance programme. Once in the Swim Performance stage swimmers then have the opportunity to race at competitive meets and events through their BOK membership.

Commenting on the recent success of BOK at the National Youth Championships, Gemma Hill-Wood, Aquatics Manager for KAL said:

"It has been a fantastic year for swimming in Kirklees and the partnership with BOK has allowed KAL to develop the programme to achieve these fantastic results.  To have swimmers commit from such a young age and develop into national champions is a great achievement for the programme."

Bruce Jones, BOK also commented:

"Although the National championship results show what an active partnership with a trust such as KAL can deliver in elite sport, even in very challenging financial circumstances, what is being achieved overall is possibly more significant in building a sustainable legacy. Although only a small percentage of children reach National competition standard the current training scheme and Club competition activities provide excellent opportunities for all the swimmers (including adult Masters swimmers). Working closely together we ensure both the training scheme and club activity demonstrate high quality delivery in a safe environment."

This process and partnership allows us to keep people in the local area active as well as harnessing some of the best swimming talent in Kirklees. Let's hope there's plenty of talent still to find and we continue to swim strong!

Find out more about BOK at their website.   

National Championships results 2014

This Summer BOK swimmers – who are coached through the KAL Swim Performance Scheme -- attended the National Championships at Ponds Forge – Sheffield.    Both our Junior and Senior squads attended the Age/Youth Group Championships over a two period 30th July – 10th August 2014. Our age group swimmers comprised of a team of eight, which is a 75% increase on last year each swimmer had qualifying times that had been achieved throughout the 2013-14 season.

Swimmers included Keelan Fitton, Sam Loizou, Rebecca Thornton, Matthew Wilby, Eden  Warburton, Nathan Cullen, Amelia Pickard, Emily Robinson.

We had 22 swims in total with 11 finals been made and our club came 29th overall in the competition compared to the 2013 result of 46th place. See the full results here.

We had some fantastic results from the Youth Championships and finished 16th overall compared to 24th overall in 2013 and 64th overall in 2012 proving the success of the KAL Swim Performance Scheme and BOK partnership. View these results here.