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KAL Swim Performance

What is KAL Swim Performance? 
KAL Swim Performance provides the training framework for athletes to train to the highest standard in line with British Swimming and LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) recommendations in order to compete at competition level.

Our Vision
• The expectation is for every swimmer to become a better swimmer in the future, whether that is one day, one week, one month, or one year.
• Every day, thinking about choosing to make world class decisions, in and out of the pool is an opportunity to become a better swimmer.
• A bad day, a missed session or anything below 100% commitment is an opportunity missed.

Our Aim
The aim of our program is to assist swimmers to reach their potential by placing them on a pathway which will set them on the elite path and into competition.

KAL Swim Performance Training
KAL Swim Performance is made up of 6 squads delivered throughout Kirklees Active Leisure facilities.

Programme Annual Report 2016 - CLICK HERE to view the KAL Swim Performance Programme Report for 2016

Requesting a Trial

To be part of Swim Performance CLICK HERE for a trial

Click the appropriate link below to view training programmes.

View the full KSP Programme from April 2017

Athletes Log Book

Swim Performance Handbook (Updated 15/11/2017)
We are now currently running our full programme for each squad.

Please click to see May alterations to training

Here are a few offers....

-Junior Membership

All swimmers within the programme under the age of 18 years are eligible for a FREE Junior Flexi Card!  This entitles the card holder to FREE and discounted activities across KAL including swimming! Sign up for a Flexi Card today at your local KAL pool.  T&Cs apply.  

-KAL Swim Performance & BOK Parents Corporate Offer
All parents are eligible for a discounted corporate KAL fitness membership.  Please contact the Sales Team on 01484 766131 for more information.   

West Yorkshire Sport work in partnership with KAL to reward and support athletes that are recognised in their sport. The top 20 can apply for a STARS card and gain FREE access to sports centres across West Yorkshire. Find out more about STARS

-BOK Shop
The BOK shop has now moved location to the balcony at Huddersfield Leisure Centre  and is available on evenings during the week when training is running. 

-KAL Swim Performance hats
These can be purchased from Huddersfield Leisure Centre and the Stadium Health & Fitness Club.