What Kind Of Swimmer Are You

What kind of swimmer are you? ( note this is fun quiz for any of the family to do )


  1. When going to your swimming lesson you:
  1. Are the first to jump In
  2. Wait at the back until you’re the last in
  3. Wait until your teacher tells you its your turn to go


  1. In your lesson the teacher plays a game you are
  1. The first to get to the other side, you want to be the winner
  2. Your not bothered about being first you wait until everyone else goes so you don’t get splashed
  3. You concentrate on getting all the actions right


  1. You’re working on front crawl in your lesson you:
  1. Would like to be the fastest at this stroke, so you fly right to the other side kicking your legs as fast as you can
  2. Are really happy its front crawl week, it’s really fun to get you're face in the water as much as possible to blow bubbles
  3. You do your arms quote slowly to make sure they come out and go in the water accurately


  1. Your favorite stroke is
  1. front crawl
  2. breaststroke
  3. butterfly


  1. You enjoy being:
  1. On the top of the water streamlined to go really fast
  2. On the top of the water, without your face in
  3. Under the water  like  sea animal


6 ) If you could be a fish/ sea animal what would you be

  1. Shark – to thrash and swim fast !
  2. Crab- to snap snap sideways and crawl through the water
  3. Dolphin- to jump and dive and do artistic swimming!

7) What is the first thing you like to do when you get into the pool ( not in lessons)

a) jump or dive in and swim as fast as you can

b) gently climb or slide in get used to the water

c) warm up and get ready to practice your swimming

8) when you swim you like to show people you are

a) as fast as can be , you're a winner!

b) the most confident swimmer, you can swim in the deep end and anywhere you like !

c) the neatest swimmer making shapes and beautiful streamlined swimming !


9) when do you mostly like to swim

A) when I feel the need for speed!

b) when I want to get in some exercise

c) when I want to work on my skills


10) what do you like most about your swimming lessons with KAL ?

a) you love to compete and win it’s the best !

b) you love to see your friends and its fun!

c) You really want to be the best swimmer ever, oh yeah and its fun!


If you answered mostly a’s

You love to compete and want to be the fastest swimmer ever! You really want to win that race ! you would be very good at competitive swimming, why not look at  our training academy once you get to stage 5/ 6.  You can try out and train to compete and win😊 Or even one of the swimming clubs at the different centers we have


Mostly b’s

You love to be in the water and practice your swimming, you want to be able to do all the things you can in swimming and achieve the most you possibly can !  our stages go all the way up to medals/ stages 8 9 10 so you definitely can go all the way. Even after this theres lots of fun things to do like water polo, syncro, octopush ( underwater hockey) and even rookie lifeguard ! this will help you save lives 😊


Mostly c’s

You work hard in all of your strokes ! you want to be a artistic swimmer with the neatest most streamlined strokes ! like a dolphin,  you swim very beautifully,   going through all your stages up to stage 6 or 7 you could build your strength and even do synchronized swimming ( aquafun) !look it up   even going into higher stage swimming with your such tidy strokes to build your strength  will make you a very good competitive swimmer ! go on give it  a go !


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