KAL KLUB Swimming


KAL KLUB Swimming

The Pre-School Framework introduces pre-schoolers to swimming through fun and games. It also offers support for those learners who may have additional needs, requiring smaller steps.  Here's what you need to know about the Pre-School Framework.  

DISCOVERY DUCKLINGS - 0- 2 years old.
Foundation stage swimming lessons are designed to develop basic water skills such as movement, water confidence, and the awareness of safety around water through fun activities, games, and songs. The awards outcomes have been specifically designed to suit babies and toddlers to start them on their swimming journey. Instructors teach the adults skills and techniques they can use to assist their child with swimming during fun/public swims. Discovery Ducklings sessions will work towards Swim England Discovery Ducklings awards 1 to 4. An adult is required to be in the pool with the child.

DUCKLINGS - for children aged 3 years old.

These lessons are slightly more structured than the foundation sessions, they are designed to help children explore the water and enjoy learning to swim through fun with the help of a parent/carer. Many of KAL KLUB Swim Ducklings have been successful and developed into National Performance swimmers, lifeguards, and even some of our very own swimming teachers! Ducklings sessions will work towards Swim England Ducklings awards 1 to 4. An adult is required to be in the pool with the child.

By the time your child is five they should comfortably be able to:

  • Jump in the water, turn around, swim back to the point of entry, and hold the rail or side.
  • Submerge completely and blow bubbles under the water.
  • Push and glide achieving a streamlined position on front or back.
  • Float on their front or back and regain standing/vertical position.
  • Swim 5 metres on their front or back.
  • Exit safely with assistance if required.

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